August 19, Shanghai, China

Zero Carbon Building/ Zero Carbon City Forum China 2022

Zero Carbon Living Space For People and the Earth

As one of the largest emission sources, the emission reduction of the construction industry is an important concern for the global realization of zero-carbon development. In the future, building energy-saving and zero-carbon emissions will become the general trend. In recent years, various local ecological environment bureaus, development and reform commissions and local planning departments have issued the "Implementation Plan for the Pilot Construction of Near-Zero-Carbon Emission Areas" and other guiding documents focusing on promoting zero-carbon parks and zero-carbon communities. Major architectural design institutes, real estate developers, building materials and solution providers are also actively releasing industry standards such as various types of building energy consumption indicators and white papers on building zero carbon emissions.
In this context, the 2022 Zero Carbon Building City Forum was presented in Shanghai by virtue of the 2022 Carbon Expo. We will invite more than 100 competent departments of architectural planning, park (community) design, designers, real estate developers, environmental protection bureaus, engineering units, etc. Start a dialogue on topics such as energy management solutions.

This forum is an important event in the field of building energy efficiency and carbon neutrality. It is an important event for you to discover partners, contact customers, and promote products and solutions in the fields of building energy consumption, building carbon management, urban planning, smart parks, and smart properties. good opportunity.